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Where Great Leaders Find Wise Advisors

As a c-level executive, business owner or entrepreneur, it can be hard to find qualified, trustworthy advisors. This is exactly why Synch-O LLC provides Peer Advisory Councils and Private Executive Coaching — to help you lead your company to the kind of growth you want to see.

Peer Councils

Executives who are experts in their fields like you meet monthly to brainstorm and find solutions to your most pressing business challenges. Members have compared the experience to having a board of advisors. As peers who don’t work for your company, they can give you honest feedback. Together, members set goals and steps to achieve them. Best of all, they hold you accountable for taking each step toward reaching your objectives.

The Director/Facilitator, Marc Sinkow, plans and structures the council meetings to ensure the discussions stay on track.

There are two types of peer councils. In the first type, members work in different industries, but in the same locations. In the second type, members work in the same industry, but in different locations to avoid competing. Membership in councils is by invitation only.

Synch-O Peer Advisory Councils

Want to know if a Synch-O Peer Advisory Council is for you? Call 610-331-3998 or send us a message.

Executive Coaching

Since he founded his first company in the eighties, Marc Sinkow, President of Synch-O LLC,  has overcome the kinds of operational obstacles you face every day. He is an accomplished executive coach who draws from his success growing companies to help you clarify and prioritize objectives. Then he holds you accountable to ensure you take swift action to drive growth.

By partnering with Synch-O, you’ll tap into Marc’s wide-ranging networks. Even better, you’ll have the advantage of his remarkable talent for seeing where mutually beneficial alliances can be made. For one client, an introduction to a payroll service vendor resulted in significantly reducing administrative time and annual savings of $20,000.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Tested sales and growth strategies
  • Introductions to potential business partners
  • Tools to identify cost-saving opportunities

At Synch-O, we think of our clients as partners.  We understand that choosing a business partner is not a decision to take lightly.   We are confident that what we do sets us apart from our competition; our partners’ track record of success backs that up.  Let some of them tell you more about why Synch-O is the right choice.