SYNCH-O Executive Coaching and Peer Councils

Synch-O LLC is Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey’s  premier provider of executive coaching and peer councils for businesses to help you improve your foundation, hire the right people, delegate your tasks, and keep your business growing.

Good To Great…And Beyond. Because We’ve Been There.

We Help Great Leaders Find The Next Level.


Find a forum to fully express your vision.

Creativity (Curiosity)
Open your mind to new perspectives.

Hear an objective point of view, from someone with no skin in the game.

Draw on expertise of other members who have been down the same road.

Fully focus on growth, with partners that hold you accountable.

Peer Councils

Synch-O LLC provides Peer Advisory Councils and Private Executive Coaching — to help you take your company to the next level.

We know your time is valuable. Our Sherpas plan and structure council meetings carefully, keeping discussions on track and executing on processes. Membership in councils is by invitation only, so that we can provide you with sound advice from true leaders in your field.

Synch-O Peer Advisory Councils

  • Entrepreneurs Council
  • South Jersey Entrepreneurs Council
  • DVIRC Manufacturers Councils
  • DVIRC Executive Business Forum

Find out more about how Synch-O Peer Advisory Councils can work for you.

Executive Coaching

Clarify and prioritize your objectives. Focus on what matters. And work with an advisor that holds you accountable.

Marc Sinkow is an accomplished executive coach with years of successful experience in helping to grow companies. When you partner with Synch-O, you’ll tap into our wide-ranging advisory networks. Even better, you’ll benefit from our proven talent for seeing where mutually beneficial alliances can be made.

Case Studies

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you form the right business alliances…

  • Free initial consultation
  • Tested sales and growth strategies
  • Introductions to potential business partners
  • Tools to identify cost-saving opportunities

At Synch-O, our clients are our partners. We understand that choosing a business partner is not a decision to take lightly. Our expertise in finding the right partnerships for clients is what sets us apart.


Customer Testimonials

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“I can't say enough about MARC SINKOW and his Entrepreneurs Council that has been pivotal this past year! ”
Cate Heaman
CEO & Founder of Prelude Solutions
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“I can't say enough about MARC SINKOW and his Entrepreneurs Council that has been pivotal this past year! ”
Cate Heaman
CEO & Founder of Prelude Solutions
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“I would like to thank you for the work you have done to keep this group together throughout an extremely difficult year. Your pivot to biweekly meetings and the sharing of relevant information was a tremendous help to me and I’m sure everyone in the forum. There were many times I was near the brink of giving up but those meetings always gave me inspiration. As the saying goes “if you’re going through hell, keep on going! We’re near the end of the year and it’s hard to believe we’re somewhat busy, especially the book business, and able to pay above average bonuses to our production team for all their sacrifices. It’s a reflection of the support I feel I get from you all!”
Joel Maxey
VP of Operations
DiY Media Group
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“Marc has the ability to uncover issues and identify needs without “pulling a fire alarm.” He assists with the issue and continues to ask questions and point to potential solutions or options.One year after we followed Marc’s advice and hired a strong bookkeeper, our EBITDA was more than three times greater than the previous year.”
Matthew Ciprich
RockSolid Partners, LLC
President & Co-founder
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“I have had the opportunity to work with Marc and build a solid friendship over the years. His great ability to listen coupled with his diverse business experience helps many executives navigate the business climate to success. Several times, I can recall Marc’s advice helped through some difficult situations. I refer to Marc as the professional guide for owners as they journey through growing a company. I highly recommend Marc, as someone you want to know both professionally and personally.”
Ralph Cosenza
Vice President
Business Clubs America
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“Although I benefited as a member of TAB, my experience in the Entrepreneurs Council has been overwhelmingly more positive. The members are more dynamic, more resourceful, and there is a broader spectrum of businesses represented. Perhaps in part because the Entrepreneurs Council is not a franchise, Marc Sinkow attends to sustaining the group more effectively, which may explain the lower turnover I’ve observed. Most importantly, Marc is an agile leader who has more extensive business experience. The meetings are more enjoyable, and I am paying a lesser fee for what I see as a greater value.”
Matthew Abraham
Principal Engineer
Westchester Environmental, Inc.
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“I have known Marc Sinkow for quite a few years now, and, over that time, have collaborated with him in a number of different capacities. My universal conclusion from all of those interactions is that Marc is a high performer, whether in a role leading an entire business, in business development and growth strategy, or acting in the capacity of advisor or coach to other business leaders.

Marc is an insightful and highly ethical person with a proven track record of success and a good friend as well. As such, I recommend him highly.”
David Bernstein
RLS Associates
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“Marc is a true professional. Always prepared, punctual and positive. His leadership and facilitation skills were a positive contribution to the strategic growth program held at the DVIRC. I highly recommend Marc for leadership and growth consultation based activities.”
Kevin Mauger
President at NCC Automated Systems and FlexMove Americas
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“I have known and worked with Marc for almost four years. His business acumen and his people connections have been quite valuable in helping us to grow our business. He brings many resources and ideas to the table. As a business coach, he is an excellent motivator who clearly listens to what I have to say and when necessary, Marc has guided me in the right direction. I would enthusiastically recommend Marc to anyone in need of personal business coaching..”
Robert Polans, CPA,MST,PFS,CHFC
Drucker & Scaccetti
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"Wow, What a year 2022 was for me and Egress Solutions! Some good and some bad but so much growth and potential came from 2022. You were a big part of that current and (hopefully) future success!"
Trae Lamborne

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