Our Sherpas

Marc Sinkow
Executive Coach and Principal

Marc Sinkow, executive coach and principal at Synch-O LLC, is a battle-tested executive who has achieved results in nearly every corporate function, including operations, finance and accounting, and sales and marketing.

Marc serves as a senior-level analyst and a consultative partner to his clients. His years on the ground as a C-Level executive make him a valuable ally who fully understands your needs. With boundless energy and a genuine sense of adventure, he enjoys using his experience, connections, and finely honed business instincts to find creative approaches to your business challenges.

Kathie Iannuzzi
Executive Coach and Entrepreneur

Kathie Iannuzzi is an Executive Coach and Entrepreneur founding From Within, a personal and professional coaching practice and My Path Ahead, a nonprofit organization mentoring high school students. Kathie is now leveraging her years of experience working with entrepreneurs and business leaders as a Sherpa.

Prior to joining Syncho-O, Kathie enjoyed a career in the media industry starting as a producer in broadcast television then moving to cable in electronic retailing holding a variety of leadership roles at QVC in television production, sales, talent management, ecommerce and social marketing. Kathie graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. degree in Communications with a minor in Business.  She holds a Certificate in NonProfit Management from The NonProfit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business. 

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