Syncho-O LLC


Common Sense for Growing Your Business

Synch-O offers our partners a proven methodology for goal-setting, benchmarking, implementation, and accountability. Our approach is straightforward and effective. It can be broken down into four key phases:


The initial alignment phase starts with a kickoff meeting. Marc Sinkow listens to you describe what’s really going on in your organization. These are some of the questions Marc asks when he first sits down to listen to you.

  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What do clients report about your services?
  • Are your employees just getting by or are they committed?
  • How would your employees describe you as a leader?
  • Do you have logical, streamlined processes in place?
  • What do you see as the greatest obstacle to your company’s growth?

Based on this conversation, together, you and Marc begin to identify and prioritize objectives.

Synch-O Metrics

During this phase we attribute specific elements of revenue and cost to each leg of the three-legged stool that supports every business: finance and accounting, operations, and sales and marketing. This allows us to analyze each division’s profitability and assess the balance of resources dedicated to each of the three legs.

With your permission, Synch-O calls on the expertise of its trusted business partner, Bart Isdaner, of Carlton Services, LLC, to review your accounts. If they haven’t before, your system will now provide consistently accurate and complete reporting of your company’s financial health.

Strategy and Execution

After examining the separate legs of your business, we begin improving the overall stability of the stool. With a stable base, your company will be ready to grow. Synch-O works with you to design strategies that include achievable long-term goals and short-term tasks. As you begin to execute the plan, Marc Sinkow keeps you focused on what is most important.


Strategy without implementation has no value. Your partnership with Synch-O continues as Marc holds you accountable for completing each set of tasks agreed on at your meetings. As a c-level executive, you know how often you get sidetracked. Having been in your shoes, Marc understands. This is why he continues to act as your executive coach so that you have the discipline to reach each milestone.