South Jersey Entrepreneurs Council

South Jersey Entrepreneurs CouncilThe members of the South Jersey Entrepreneurs Council have all achieved significant success. The group represents in excess of $21 million in total revenue, with more than 160 employees. This is a sampling of challenges recently discussed:

  • How do I scale my business while maintaining a “small company” feel?
  • How do I address both competitors within the professional community as well as “Senior Specialists” within the company in support of our growth, so we remain fiscally sound?
  • How will the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) affect our businesses? How do we best plan for Federal Guidelines for Healthcare?
  • How do we identify, hire, and retain qualified personnel on an ongoing basis?
  • How do we restructure, replace, or maintain a nonreciprocal strategic partnership?
  • How do we best manage the cultural environment within the organization while dealing with emotions and expectations of personnel?
  • Succession planning – How do we best identify a number two within our organization for both current security and stability as well as future flexibility?
  • How should we focus on long-term sustainable operational growth while maintaining marketing efforts used to build the practice?
  • Do we grow our business organically or inorganically? Do we continue to grow through client acquisition and relationship building on our own cash, or look for capitalization to accelerate growth?

South Jersey Entrepreneurs Council Members include:

The group meets the third Thursday of the month from 8 AM to noon in Sewell, NJ.