Advisory Councils

Grow Your Business – Join A Peer Council

Meet monthly with experts in their respective fields, to brainstorm and find solutions to your most pressing business challenges. It’s like having your own board of advisors sharing best practices, techniques to improve performance, and feedback on your progress.

In A Peer Council

Competitors cannot join a Peer Council together. This allows for the free exchange of specific information among members. We carefully structure meetings to ensure that your time is well spent. Each council meeting focuses on current business situations of members, who walk away with achievable goals. Council members then hold you accountable for taking steps to reach those goals.

Key Factors For Successful Councils

A Peer Council needs a moderator who facilitates honest and open exchange, encourages the bond between members, and ensures that those members are committed to actively participating in the group and in the process.

Peer Advisory Councils at Synch-O LLC are led by company Sherpas, who focus the conversation and topics to keep discussions relevant.

“Marc is an outstanding facilitator. He is vibrant and always extremely passionate about achieving the council’s goals and objectives. He pushes us all to dig deep to solve everyday issues and concerns of our fellow board members businesses. Grab him if you can; he’s EXCELLENT!”

Types of Peer Councils

The number of members can range from 5 to 15; the norm is 12.