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DVIRC Manufacturers Councils

Marc Sinkow is a professional facilitator for the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center’s (DVIRC) Manufacturer’s Executive Forum Groups, the only network groups dedicated to business leaders of small and mid-sized manufacturing firms.

DVIRC is a private, not-for-profit corporation with a public purpose—to support the profitable growth of small and mid-sized U.S. manufacturers.

They support manufacturers through three practice areas: customized consulting (business management, operational excellence, and top-line growth), training and education, and executive network groups. DVIRC’s clients are independently surveyed to assess their performance and value-added impact. Since 1988, DVIRC has served more than 2,000 manufacturers and generated over $2 billion in client impact.

The Manufacturers’ Council consists of manufacturing leaders from companies with larger employment sizes (typically over 100 employees). Members come from many different industries and areas in and around Southeastern PA.

A professional facilitator chairs and organizes each meeting. Groups are limited to 15 members, to ensure maximum interaction and value. Each member receives a case study targeting one of their current business issues, that includes pragmatic solutions and advice to achieve success.

We offer a confidential setting where leaders from non-competing firms share common challenges, while learning best practice solutions for profitable growth. Members gain from an invaluable network of trusted business advisors, business development opportunities, business presentations, industry related resources, continuous improvement, and leadership development.

There is a quarterly membership fee; the Council meets on a monthly basis and at members’ locations.

These are some of the concerns members have discussed recently:

  •  As a company launches new products that complement existing ones, how can they measure the added value of their investment in research and development? They consider evaluating key performance indicators such as new product R&D as a percentage of sales; new product margin payback period; and new product as a percentage of sales.
  •  How can a company break out of traditional contract manufacturing to lower their exposure to risk and gain enough control to implement a steady growth plan? At the same time, how can they best mitigate the risk of an unbalanced portfolio?
  •  A member’s company currently loses 50% on a new asset to returns of non-standard items and internal waste. How can they implement improvements so that new revenue and profit targets will be met?

DVIRC Member’s Stories


Additional Benefits:

  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
  • Confidential setting limited to 15 members
  • Exclusive to manufacturing leaders
  • Leadership development
  • Well-structured meetings
  • Professional facilitator, advisor, and coach
  • Each member gets a case study to address a current business issue
  • Best practice benchmarking
  • One free admission to a DVIRC guest speaker event
  • 4 free seats annually to any one-day class presented by DVIRC
  • 10% discount on any DVIRC training and education program

DVIRC Manufacturers Council members include:

For more information visit: www.dvirc.org or call 215-552-3800, or info@dvirc.org