Syncho-O LLC

Vendor, Cost, Return Analysis and Strategy

Fundamentals First

Synch-O emphasizes integrating the three legs of your business—finance and accounting, operations, and sales and marketing—in the most profitable way possible. Gaining a clear picture of your company’s financials is the first step.

Synch-O Metrics

close up of three divisionsSynch-O obtains accounting reports to assess the costs associated with each leg of your business. If current systems do not allow for this analysis, they are put into place. Upon review of the reports, we pinpoint where costs are inflated as well as where savings can be realized.

A recent client used Synch-O Metrics to organize its accounting files to evaluate classes of business and their related costs separately. This enabled them to accurately identify profit centers.

 Vendor Analysis

green shoot from coins
Evaluating vendor performance and securing new providers can reap significant rewards: For one client, Synch-O helped the them conduct a shipping services comparison and negotiate a contract that saved them 37% tied to volume.



Return Analysis and Strategy

Which way should I go? Looking at the bigger picture, how do operational bottlenecks impact your finance and accounting division? If sales and marketing falters, how does operations respond?  Most importantly, is your bottom line suffering and would investing in process improvement increase profitability?  For many executives, the interplay of these factors is vague, even when the business impact is acute.  Shining a light on these rough spots—hidden opportunities for growth—propels you toward designing an effective business strategy and taking decisive action.