Syncho-O LLC


Marc has the ability to uncover issues and identify needs without “pulling a fire alarm.” He assists with the issue and continues to ask questions and point to potential solutions or options.One year after we followed Marc’s advice and hired a strong bookkeeper, our EBITDA was more than three times greater than the previous year.

Matthew Ciprich
RockSolid Partners, LLC
President & Co-founder


I have had the opportunity to work with Marc and build a solid friendship over the years. His great ability to listen coupled with his diverse business experience helps many executives navigate the business climate to success. Several times, I can recall Marc’s advice helped through some difficult situations. I refer to Marc as the professional guide for owners as they journey through growing a company. I highly recommend Marc, as someone you want to know both professionally and personally.

Ralph Cosenza
Vice President
Business Clubs America


Although I benefited as a member of TAB, my experience in the Entrepreneurs Council has been overwhelmingly more positive. The members are more dynamic, more resourceful, and there is a broader spectrum of businesses represented. Perhaps in part because the Entrepreneurs Council is not a franchise, Marc Sinkow attends to sustaining the group more effectively, which may explain the lower turnover I’ve observed. Most importantly, Marc is an agile leader who has more extensive business experience. The meetings are more enjoyable, and I am paying a lesser fee for what I see as a greater value.

Matthew Abraham
Principal Engineer
Westchester Environmental, Inc.


I have known Marc Sinkow for quite a few years now, and, over that time, have collaborated with him in a number of different capacities. My universal conclusion from all of those interactions is that Marc is a high performer, whether in a role leading an entire business, in business development and growth strategy, or acting in the capacity of advisor or coach to other business leaders.

Marc is an insightful and highly ethical person with a proven track record of success and a good friend as well. As such, I recommend him highly.

David Bernstein
RLS Associates


Marc is a true professional. Always prepared, punctual and positive. His leadership and facilitation skills were a positive contribution to the strategic growth program held at the DVIRC. I highly recommend Marc for leadership and growth consultation based activities.

Kevin Mauger
President at NCC Automated Systems and FlexMove Americas


I have known and worked with Marc for almost four years.  His business acumen and his people connections have been quite valuable in helping us to grow our business. He brings many resources and ideas to the table. As a business coach, he is an excellent motivator who clearly listens to what I have to say and when necessary, Marc has guided me in the right direction.  I would enthusiastically recommend Marc to anyone in need of personal business coaching.

Robert Polans, CPA,MST,PFS,CHFC
Drucker & Scaccetti


We have shared clients and referred clients to Marc both through Vistage and GFO Consulting. Marc does a great job for his clients, provides great service and expertise, and I would recommend that any business owner that is looking to improve his/her business talk to Marc.

Evan Polin
Vice President
The Training Resource Group


I have been a member for three years. The experience has been more helpful than I anticipated.  Our group provides immediate, thoughtful, and helpful feedback from a diverse variety of backgrounds as well as accountability. My business has benefitted greatly.

Douglas MacGray, J.D., C.F.P.
Compass Ion Advisors


I have worked with Marc for the past 3 1/2 years. He has brought interesting and productive ideas to my business and helped us work through challenges related to new business development, human resources, marketing and operations. We have seen a steady improvement in overall performance and he is considered a valued resource for our company. I would highly recommend Marc as a business advisor.

Mike Lieberman
Square 2 Marketing


Marc has got “business in the bones.”  He understands what it takes to own, operate and sell a successful firm.  As a peer Vistage chair, I observed Marc’s extraordinary commitment to his client’s success…amazing!

Hank O’Donnell CPCC
Master Chair


Working with Marc has had a definite impact on how I operate as a business owner – no process is beyond question, no business plan is beyond improvement.

Marc’s ability to force me to question things about my business that I have always accepted as truth, coupled with his ability to uncover underlying issues, has created new efficiencies within our company and more opportunities to increase profits.

My personality and engineering background lead me to only feel confident in decisions I can prove with numbers.  My confidence in stating that Marc has had a positive impact on me personally and on my business is no different – we experienced an average of 13% growth over the two years I have been working with him.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he will be a valuable asset to any organization that works with him.

Billy Dougherty
Vice President


I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all your support and express my appreciation for the assistance you’ve provided me since we’ve worked together.

The fact that you were able to show me many ways to look at situations was extremely beneficial and allowed me to reach outcomes that I may not have achieved without your guidance.

I wish you the best in your new endeavors and hope that we can work together again soon.

Mark Angel
ClientLink Direct Mail and Fulfillment


My four-year experience has provided me the monthly opportunity to seek the wisdom and input of fellow businesspeople. Furthermore, under the leadership of Marc Sinkow, meetings are well run and cover topics of interest to all of us.

R. Victor Haas
Haas Business Valuations Services


The group has so far provided me with focus and direction on business issues like marketing, personnel replacement, and just getting a handle on understanding the financial side. Having feedback from 10 or more people in the same situation has been invaluable. 

Felicia Doggett
Metropolitan Acoustics


I cannot say enough positive things about the experience. My group has been dynamic and exciting. My peers have offered invaluable guidance for my own business challenges.

William Butler


I had the opportunity to work with Marc concerning several aspects of my business. He was able to bring ideas for cost-saving measures which impacted considerably the bottom line. In addition, he suggested a few operational changes that helped streamline key processes within the company. Marc is a knowledgeable, congenial professional to work with.

Mary Beth Powers
Preferred Transcription


Marc is the facilitator of a Manufacturing Leadership council that I joined several years ago. I had been in similar groups with other business leaders that were not nearly as productive as the meetings that Marc led. We always knew our time at these meetings would be purposeful, focused and well spent. Marc has a gift for listening to complex problems and summarizing them in about 5 words. The incisive analysis he contributes allows us to get a birds’ eye view of our challenges so we can approach them from another angle. 

You can always trust Marc to give you the unbiased truth, in a “carefrontational” manner when needed. As a trusted advisor he’ll dig into a complex problem and give you real collaborative advice. Alternatively, as a facilitator, he’ll keep the conversation open but focused- making space for everyone to weigh in with ideas while processing an issue for another council member. Even as we are trying to develop ideas and questions for our peers, we’re all learning together.  

His disciplined Issue Development process encourages everyone to ask penetrating questions. This method helps the group develop ideas, but also serves to prepare us to answer those questions again when we’re pitching ideas and solutions to our own teams. Having an idea is good, but soft-selling an idea is critical- and his meetings helped us formulate solutions while preparing us to implement. That’s what makes him a great Sherpa!

Stephanie Shea


Marc is the leader and facilitator of a DVIRC Manufacturing Council group that I attend. With a room full of Type A personalities, Marc conducts the group with a combination of strong leadership skills and real humility. He always asks probing questions, allows diverse views to be expressed, and then provides a summary that can be developed into an effective Action Plan. I highly recommend Marc to facilitate both single mission-critical meetings, or an on-going series.

Greg Selke
ONExia, Inc.