Syncho-O LLC

Entrepreneurs Council

Advisory Council for Entrepreneurs

The members of the Entrepreneurs Council are enormously successful. This council represents more than $25 million in total revenue, with more than 150 employees across 13 different industries and disciplines.
This is a sampling of challenges recently discussed:

  • A competitor has approached a member as an acquisition candidate. Is the timing right to consider this opportunity?
  • How can a member choose which of the many legitimate sources of competitive intelligence to act on when each one would impact the short- and long-term direction of the company differently?
  • In a growing business where billing is based on time tracked, even the member has a long-standing tendency to fall behind in tracking billable hours as he becomes busier. What steps can he and the company take to make sure the reins are tightened?

Entrepreneurs Council members include:

Membership for the Entrepreneurs Council is by invitation only.

The group meets the second Friday of the month from 8 AM to noon in Conshohocken, PA.