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Proven Results From a Leader With Vision

Marc Sinkow portrait

Marc Sinkow, executive coach and principal at Synch-O LLC, is a battle-tested executive who has achieved results in nearly every corporate function including operations, finance and accounting, and sales and marketing. Marc serves as a senior-level analyst and a consultative partner to his clients.  His years on the ground as a C-level executive make him a valuable ally who fully understands his clients’ needs. With energy and a genuine sense of adventure, he enjoys using his experience, connections, and finely honed-instincts to find a creative approach to each business challenge.

Career Highlight Case Study

In this example from Marc Sinkow’s extensive curriculum vitae, he identified a need and spearheaded a solution that benefited all parties:

Previously, when patients needed a feeding tube they had to be hospitalized.  Insurers, including Medicare, provided little to no reimbursement for this expense.

  • Marc’s company was one of the first distributors in the country to provide a portable feeding pump system.
  • The new system allowed patients to move out of the hospital to their homes or nursing homes.
  • The company developed a supply, distribution, and follow-up program for health care providers.
  • The profitable program lowered costs for patients, hospitals, nursing homes, and insurers.
  • The program improved quality of life for patients in the tri-state area (PA, NJ, DE).

The Company

Business is Easy, Execution is Tricky

Basic business concepts are not complex. Somewhere between that spark of entrepreneurial energy that started the business and expanding past the break-even point, operations become far more complicated.

As executives grow their businesses, some begin to think there is nothing more they can learn. Others recognize they don’t have all the answers.  At Synch-O, we have observed that these are the leaders who carry their companies to the next level of growth. These executives appreciate the advantage of having someone who has experience at every stage of growing businesses hold them accountable for reaching their goals.

The best professional athletes never stop training with coaches to boost their physical and mental strength. I developed Synch-O LLC to give executives a similar service—to give you  the tools and discipline required to move from directing to leading.

— Marc Sinkow